What My Clients are Saying!

Cindy has helped me on several occasions over the last few years. I have found her expertise and service to be invaluable, cost effective and educational. I work with medical providers and am comfortable in the medical “world”, even so, I choose to consult with Cindy prior to any decision making or visits to medical providers for my family members or myself. I know firsthand how often medical mistakes can happen.

I had a past ER experience (prior to using Cindy’s service), where I was almost administered an IV medication that I have a life-threatening allergy to. Fortunately, I was alert enough to catch the mistake myself. Had I not been, and the medication administered, I would have had an anaphylactic response.

Since that experience, I had another ER visit, which I had Cindy attend. The experience was night and day. I felt so much more comfortable knowing an experienced professional that was familiar with my medical history was there to ask questions and watch over my care. Some of the procedures I had to go through were very scary for me. Her presence was calming and reassuring. I appreciated her skill but also her sense of humor.

Since the ER visit, I have called Cindy several times to discuss symptoms I was experiencing to determine if there was a need to see a medical provider and if so, what type of provider should I see. Her wisdom helped me navigate the medical system quickly and efficiently.

Cindy has also helped me understand medication options including risks, benefits and alternatives for a family member with a long-term health issue. She performed research for me and explained her findings in terms I was able to understand.

I can’t speak highly enough about the experiences I have had working with Cindy. I recommend her to everyone I know and I will never have a hospital visit without her.


Cindy is one of the most talented medical professionals we have ever encountered.

As a close family member, Cindy has advised and supported us through multiple ER visits, prolonged hospital stays and life-threatening infections.

She has been a skilled interpreter; helping communicate our conditions, limitations and rights as patients. She has also been invaluable in helping us understand diagnoses, procedures and treatment options.

Cindy has vigorously advocated for us when she has seen substandard care by medical professionals and hospital care.

Cindy has made significant contributions to our health and longevity over the years, and possibly saved a life. Her intelligence, experience and passion for quality care, have given us protection, comfort and peace of mind in many stressful situations.

Allen T.

I was diagnosed with a heart issue and was told that I needed a pacemaker. I was feeling worse every day, extremely tired, and experiencing near fainting spells. I tried repeatedly to get seen by my doctor and get my procedure moved up. I was not successful.

Cindy started advocating on my behalf and got my procedure moved to just a few days. It was then discovered that I was in a very fast heart rate and needed to go to the ER. Cindy was able to help me understand what was happening which decreased my stress and anxiety. I spent a week in the hospital. It was Cindy that spoke to all of my doctors and nurses to make sure that every medication, procedure and test was what I needed. She oversaw my care completely. This allowed me to feel great relief because I was too sick to think about my care at this point.

I received my pacemaker and ablation surgery. Thought this hospitalization I felt that I was making the best medical decisions because Cindy had explained my diagnosis and treatment options to me.

Cindy was able to prevent a few medication errors on my behalf and I am grateful. She made sure that my discharge from the hospital went smoothly.

If I ever have to go to the ER or hospital again I will be sure that Cindy is my nurse advocate!

Lea H.

Four and a half years ago Cindy Thomas urged me to take a calcium score test at Denver Heart. While my calcium was okay, they found several nodules on my lungs and suggested I follow up in 3-6 months with a CT scan. Cindy insisted on 3 months. I had the scan and a large mass was detected on my right lung. The PET scan confirmed that it was cancer. My health care provider gave me my results and then downloaded 50 pages from the internet indicating that I had a 20% chance of surviving 2 years. I came home devastated, intending to get my affairs in order.

Then Cindy stepped in. She extensively researched my diagnosis and type of lung cancer: non-small cell sarcoma. She explained, in language I could understand, the results of CT and PET scans as well as extensive blood-work, why I needed multiple tests and questions I should ask each specialist. Through it all, Cindy acted with knowledge, concern, caring and compassion. She took some of the fear out of this terrible disease.

Each specialist asked the same question “How did you find the cancer?” They were always amazed at the answer. Usually lung cancer is found after symptoms appear. By then it’s often too late. Fortunately, the cancer was caught in time because I had Cindy looking out for me.

I recently had my 4 year survivors anniversary. I am one of the lucky ones. Everyday, I thank God for Cindy Thomas.

Margaret G.

As a home health physical therapist, there were many times I would find myself treating medically complex patients. I often called Cindy to get her opinion of what was going on with patients based on vital signs, past medical history, medication, chronic diseases and symptoms.

Cindy, without exception, would give me her professional opinion that was spot on. If she was not familiar with a procedure, diagnosis or new medication, she would research it and quickly come up with a recommendation.

Her practical advice, great judgement, ability to triage and fantastic communication skills always provided insight and direction to my plan of care.

She is a rare “big picture” thinker in the modern medical world of specialties and sub specialties!

Jeanne C.

Regional Director of Therapy

Cindy has been my family’s Nurse Patient Advocate for several years. She is very knowledgeable about many medical conditions that she consulted with us about. Also, when my daughter was away at college or out of the country and had a medical need, I could rely on Cindy to help us understand and navigate unfamiliar medical facilities.

We have used her services for a variety of illnesses, infections, skin cancer and lymphoma, and information related to those diagnoses or treatment. Most of these consults have occurred via technology as we live in a different state. The distance did not impact Cindy’s ability to provide professional and knowledgeable guidance on my family’s behalf.

I highly recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of their diagnoses and/or treatment. She has been readily available to us by being just a phone call away which has given me great peace of mind. When medical issues arise, I can rest easy knowing that we are in good hands with Cindy on the case.

Mary R.


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