Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about patient advocacy? Here, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. For other questions you might have, please feel free to reach out to me by calling 303-968-1995 or send me a message online. I am based in Denver, Colorado, and serve clients nationwide.

What makes Truly Yours RN Patient Advocates different?

I am a Nurse Patient Advocate and Care Manager who is committed to you throughout your hospital or surgery stay. Having a patient advocate overseeing your care who has clinical knowledge and judgement is invaluable. I love putting the pieces of your clinical picture together and educating you on your options. I am able to communicate with ease between you and your healthcare team to help you get the best care possible. Not all patient advocates have this training.

If I have a patient advocate will the hospital or my doctor be mad?

Absolutely not! Most physicians and facilities that I have worked with appreciate the time and attention that an RN Patient Advocate can provide.

They know that an RN Patient Advocate can help you understand your care and provide patient education on a variety of health concerns.

I am here for you and I work completely for you. There are other professionals in the hospital called navigators, patient representatives or liaisons who work with patients in the hospital. These professionals work for the hospital and therefore their allegiance is with them. My allegiance is to only you.

Many healthcare professionals understand the importance of having an advocate while in the hospital and often go with their own families to help provide safe and comfortable care.

If I’m already in the hospital, how does our relationship work?

Just give me a call and if I’m available, I will come to the hospital and we can discuss what your needs are. If you want to proceed with hiring me as your nurse patient advocate I can then complete your intake and start advocating for you immediately.

I recently received a new medical diagnosis and I’m just overwhelmed. Can you help me?

Absolutely! I am here to help you understand your diagnosis, research treatment options and help you find a specialist who can best serve you. You & Me, together, we’ll find the right next steps for you to help alleviate any stress or anxiety and help you feel more in control of your health.

When your hire an RN Patient Advocate you are not alone. We will walk you through whatever health concerns you have.

Does insurance cover your services?

No, and that’s a good thing! If I work for the insurance company, I am bound to them. This makes it easier to give you the care you deserve, not the care the insurance company agrees to. I want to be truly yours, not beholden to an insurance company’s regulations.

How is pricing structured?

Pricing is structured on an individual basis, which depends on your specific medical condition and needs. Call me today for your free 30-minute consultation and we can discuss how I may help you.

Do you provide transportation to the hospital, ER or surgery center? Can you bring me home?

Unfortunately, I do not offer transportation services. I am, however, happy to help you find or arrange transportation if you need it.

I don’t live in the Denver area. How can I engage with you?

I can do consultations anywhere! I can look up specialists, do research on your new diagnosis or help you manage your medications remotely.

Check out my Patient Stories to see what long distance clients are saying about telephone or virtual services.

Can you go to the Emergency Room with me?

Absolutely! I can help navigate the fast-paced and overwhelming experience of the ER. As your personal patient advocate, I can help minimize frustration, stress and worry. I understand that in the ER rapid decision need to be made and I can help you understand all your treatment options. I am an experienced ER nurse. I help provide a bit or normalcy to a very stressful situation.

Can you attend a surgery with me?

Yes! I will oversee your care before and after your surgery (while in post-operative care) and collaborate with your healthcare team. I help ensure safe and efficient care before and after your surgery. You can rest assured that I am looking out for you and will work hard to obtain your best medical outcomes.

Will you oversee my hospital care?

Yes indeed! When you are sick it is stressful to manage your own care. Several members of your healthcare team come to see you every day. Communication is a huge part of advocacy in preventing medical errors. I am relentless in seeking informed, efficient and, above all, safe care. I oversee your care and collaborate with your team to ensure you are receiving the best care so you can focus on healing and get back home.

What license, credentials and relevant experience do you have?

Licensed Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science, in Nursing.

Case/Care Management certificate through the National RN Training Center.

In the last five years while performing patient advocacy I have worked with patients who have had; cancer, major infections, heart problems, bowel surgeries, orthopedic surgeries and consults, ER needs, hospitalizations for various medical problems and many telephone consultations to help clients figure out their next steps or what to say to their physician.

I have enjoyed working with patients in several areas of the hospital such as: ER, GI Lab, Patient Education, and Urgent Care and inpatient care.


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