How to Work with Me

My Goal is to be With You Through Every Step

After your initial free 30-minute phone consultation and we decide to move forward, please schedule your comprehensive assessment.

At Truly Yours RN, the way to receive your best care is to complete a comprehensive assessment before any care is needed. This allows me to have your medical record, engagement agreement and HIPPA forms that I can bring with me to the hospital. By having this process done before you need me allows me to hit the ground running in the event of an emergency visit, surgery or hospital stay.

I can do an abbreviated medical consultation if we were unable to do the full assessment and an emergent medical need has occurred. I can perform this assessment in the hospital and get started advocating on your behalf immediately.

The one-time comprehensive assessment fee is $250. I want to hear your personal healthcare story. In this visit we will go over your full medical and medication history. This allows me to fully understand the scope of your medical needs and be able to advocate for you immediately. I will develop a plan that we both agree on that will help you receive the best and safest care possible.

Hospital services such as ER visits, hospital stays, and surgeries are charged on an hourly basis or a daily rate. All fees will be discussed prior to any services. Please click here to see what each service provides. Each case is different, and fees are assessed on an individual basis.

Telephone or virtual consultation hourly rates are less, as they are not in person. If you decide to use my telephone or virtual service I can work with you whether you are in Colorado or another state, I am here to help!

My goal is to be with you each step of the way, so you can focus on getting well and rest assured, knowing your personal nurse advocate is overseeing your care.

Emergent Advocacy Services without the Comprehensive Assessment

If you need me to attend an ER visit, hospitalization or surgery and you or your loved one has not been able to complete the comprehensive assessment that is okay. I can still advocate and help you. I will do an abbreviated medical assessment in the hospital and get started advocating on your behalf immediately.

Call me and if available I will meet you at the hospital.

Three Steps to Personalized Patient Advocacy and Care Management

Truly Yours RN has three unique steps to get me on your case and advocating for you:


Contact me today to schedule a free 30-minute telephone consultation, where we can decide how “You & Me” can work together.  I’d love to hear your medical story and see how I may help. I am based in Denver, Colorado, and serve clients nationwide.


Once we’ve decided to move forward together, we’ll complete your comprehensive medical assessment and engagement contract. I need to know you; your medical history and your personal healthcare wishes so I can fully advocate on your behalf.


Whether you are facing surgery, require an emergency room visit, or a hospital admission, together we will manage and oversee your healthcare needs. I’ll help you communicate your wishes to your healthcare team or update your family while you are in the hospital so you don’t have to. Let me advocate on your behalf so you can focus on getting well.

If you’d like to learn more about my nurse patient advocacy and care management services, call me today at 303-968-1995 or message me online.


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