Meet Cindy Thomas, Nurse Patient Advocate and Care Manager

Hi There!

I’m Cindy, a nurse patient advocate and care manager with nearly 25 years of nursing experience. I’m passionate about safe patient care and achieving the best medical outcomes by getting to know you and understanding your unique needs. My background in nursing and legal nursing helped me to develop my passion for safe, effective and personalized healthcare. I want more for my patients and that has lead me into patient advocacy.

Hospital Nursing Experience to Personalized Advocacy

In 1995, I graduated from the University of New Mexico, College of Nursing, with a Bachelor of Science. During my career I found myself in various levels of care, including the Emergency Department, Urgent Care, Patient Education Center and Gastroenterology.

After becoming Certified in Trauma and Triage Nursing and learning the legal aspects of care, I learned how to assess patients and ensure proper care was given. I use this knowledge and partner with patients with cardiac issues, cancer, GI problems, surgery, dementia and more to receive the best possible outcome.

Moving from Patient Care to Patient Advocacy

To better serve patients, I took a specialized training course: The Contemporary RN Case Manager and Advanced Care Coordination Course through the National Registered Nurse Case Manager Training Center. I received the designation of Care Manager so that I could provide more focused advocacy.

As I gained experience as a patient advocate and my awareness of the magnitude of medical errors in the healthcare arena increased, I knew I needed to do more.

For the past five years, I’ve been advocating for my family, aging parents and many friends. The unexpected and tragic death of my sister, Sharyl—caused by a medical error—has impacted me greatly, inspiring me to start Truly Yours RN Patient Advocates. Now, I’m ready to advocate for you.

My Calling: To Empower You During Difficult Times

I believe patients should be in control of their healthcare journey. When you’re first diagnosed, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed. You may not understand what your doctors and nurses are telling you. You likely don’t know which questions to ask or what care you actually need and when you need it.

That’s where I step in. I’m here to ask your healthcare team the questions you may not know to ask, educate you on your medical options and speak to nurses and doctors about your daily care. As your nurse patient advocate, I will work hard to help ensure you receive the best medical care and outcomes—no more, no less.

Reach Out to Me Today

I’m here to be Truly Yours—to keep your best medical interests in the forefront. My passion is to be your healthcare advocate and ensure you get the best care possible. Contact me today to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. If you need someone by your side in the ER, during surgery or during a hospital stay, I’m here to help. I am based in Denver, Colorado, and serve clients nationwide.


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