What is an RN Patient Advocate?

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Have you ever experienced a health problem, only to be left confused about your diagnosis or treatment? Maybe not knowing what questions to ask or how to voice your wishes.

Healthcare challenges, surgeries, ER visits and hospitalizations can be difficult to navigate on your own. From the stress of procedures to the frightening aspect of hearing words you don’t understand, it all can feel incredibly overwhelming. A professional patient advocate who is an experienced nurse can help you understand these challenges, so you are confident in making your health decisions and have peace of mind.

An RN patient advocate is there to be that helping hand during these times. Gathering information, educating you on your options and empowering you to receive the best care available.

At Truly Yours, I make it my goal to help you navigate the healthcare system and have peace of mind that you are making the right decisions. It’s You & Me, together.

Isn’t My Nurse or Doctor Looking Out for Me?

Yes. Your physician and the nurses performing your care are on your side. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has become fragmented, overburdened and patients have more complex health issues.

Sometimes there are holes in your understanding of the diagnosis, procedures or your treatment plan. This is where an RN patient advocate steps in—not replacing their care but supplementing it.

What Does an RN Patient Advocate Do?

Focus On Getting Well Again

An RN patient advocate is involved in all areas of your care including:

  • Acting as a liaison between you, your family and the healthcare team.
  • Making sense of the tightly woven maze that is your health and your care.
  • Ensuring that you are an informed, integral part of your healthcare decision making.
  • Avoiding missteps by walking through this experience carefully and compassionately together.

I research your diagnosis and provide information about what you can expect. If there are clinical trials for your diagnosis, I do my best to find them. I will research your diagnosis and look for treatment options, so you can make the best decisions for you.

I become an extension of your care provider team, treating you like my own family. I make sure you’re getting the best care you can receive. If you aren’t receiving a high-level of care, I’ll make it a point to say so. I want to do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on getting well again.

As your nurse patient advocate, I handle communication with your healthcare providers with care, approaching these relationships as an ally, not an adversary.

Call Truly Yours Today to Learn More

For compassionate advocacy that ensures you’re receiving only the highest quality of care for your health, call Truly Yours today. I offer a variety of services and advocacy options to fit your every health need from hospital stays, surgical procedures and research of your diagnosis and treatment options.

Call me today at 303-968-1995 or send me a message online to learn more. I am based in Denver, Colorado, and serve clients nationwide.


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